Webinar: How to develop the most profitable HX train cleaning cycles?

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How to develop the most profitable HX train cleaning cycles?


Is Heat Exchanger fouling eroding your refinery's profitability?

A 100KBPD refinery could be losing between ~1 MM US$/yr in
increased fuel consumption to 10 MM US$/yr in lost throughput due to
unmonitored and unoptimised Heat Exchanger cleaning cycles


Heat exchanger train performance is an essential element of managing and reducing refinery fuel requirements for fired heaters. Proper monitoring of heat exchanger trains.

•   Improves energy efficiency
•   Reduces fuel costs
•   Empowers strategic cleaning decisions to be made for individual or groups of exchanges

Register Now for our webinar which will discuss the following aspects of HX preheat train monitoring:

•   What economic benefits are associated with cleaning each exchanger in the preheat train, or a group of 

•   When is the most strategic time to clean exchangers?
•   Which exchangers should be cleaned, and which ones should remain online?
•   How are fouled heat exchangers impacting my process performance?

In this session, our Expert consultants will discuss how simulation tools like KBC's HX Monitor™ will be
key to establishing a more profitable operations by continuous monitoring of your HX preheat netowrks.
Date:        12th July 2017
Time:       1230 hrs SGT
Duration: 45 minutes with Q&A


































































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