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Energy is the largest controllable operating cost – between 10-15% can be saved on energy costs which can improve your margin by up to 20% whilst achieving a safer and more reliable operation.

Achieve leading edge energy performance through a combination of organisational and technical improvements, supported by energy, process and subject matter experts with over 20 years’ experience using KBC’s superior tools and proprietary leading technologies.

While most operating companies have some elements of an energy management system, very few have all economically justifiable elements working and contributing to maximum energy efficiency and hence profitability. The KBC ENgage programme is proven to close the gaps by integrating technical, organisational and behavioural change methodologies in order to identify, evaluate and deliver improvement opportunities. ENgage provides the technical add-ons that ensures ISO50001 delivers results in the hydrocarbon industry.

Outlooks on Energy

Customer Success Story: EPP Customer Success Story: EPP
Customer Success Story: EPP In the last four years, the largest refinery facility from the Ecuadorian National Oil Company EP Petroecuador,

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DOWNLOAD THE WHITE PAPER The October 2016 decision by the International Maritime Organization to implement strict sulphur emissions from 2020 will

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