Cost Optimisation | Operational Integrity
Ensure the integrity of your assets, operation and organisation through KBC's integrated operational integrity excellence programme. Achieve your highest operational integrity performance using systematic enterprise risk management within an industry leading operational excellence framework, delivered by hydrocarbon industry experts.

The KBC Operational Integrity Programme will improve safety performance by protecting your people and equipment, and potentially result in lower insurance premiums by implementing:

  • Leading process safety systems including enhanced understanding of risk, effective processes to manage risk, increased competency, increased organisational learning and performance.  
  • Occupational and behavioural safety systems to increase employees’ wellbeing and safety, employee satisfaction and provide proactive intervention.


The Operational Integrity Programme will ensure your company ROCE is sustainably maximised by embedding capability in your organisation to continuously optimise performance in a dynamic operating environment. The Operational Integrity Programme is supported by proprietary solutions and methodologies and will quickly improve your integrity performance.

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