Cost Optimisation | Reliability, Availability and Maintenance
Remove your barriers to deliver sustainable industry leading availability, assure on-stream and supply reliability, enhance safety and achieve competitive cost through KBC’s Asset Management excellence programme.

In an increasingly competitive market achieving the highest levels of asset integrity, availability and reliability at competitive cost, is becoming more and more challenging. In addition, the international focus on operational integrity and the requirement for flawless operation to maintain public trust and license to operate means that an industry leading asset integrity program is mandatory.

Many companies apply some elements of asset management practices but struggle to deliver leading performance. Leading operators deliver levels of integrity and availability that are 2% – 8% higher than their competition at 20% – 35% lower cost hence contributing significantly to higher company ROCE.

KBC delivers superior asset management performance through a suite of modules that are built on industry best practice and are tailored to meet our client’s unique situations. Our tailored solutions are built on leading practices and founded on proprietary technology and human performance applied cross functionally.

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