Production Maximisation | Unit Margin Enhancement
Safely go beyond your current operating limitations with the decisions to always get to the most profitable products reliably whilst minimising feed costs within a newly designed operating window. KBC gives you the knowledge and the trust in the constraints, prioritisation and decisions developed based on a broad range of international experience in consultants along with the tools and software designed, built, tested and proven for the hydrocarbon processing industry. Transfer competence to your workforce to react quickly, efficiently and safely to changing situations and to feel confident to decide to push into a more profitable operating window.


Outlooks on Energy

Are You Lagging or Leading? Are You Lagging or Leading?
You have the bases covered. You’ve instituted a proactive safety program and now everything at your facility is alright now.

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What Happens When 25% of Your Workforce Retires in 5 Years? What Happens When 25% of Your Workforce Retires...
Competitive pressure from mega sites is intense, particularly in the APAC region. In this white paper we look at how

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