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GOSP energy benchmarking and opportunity identification

After an energy assessment at a Gas Oil Separation Plant (GOSP) by a major national integrated oil company, KBC was appointed to carry out an energy benchmarking and opportunity identification project.

Accelerated capability transformation

A large Middle East oil company engaged KBC for an extensive, multi-faceted staff training program. Operations and Maintenance staff required structured foundational and process-specific classroom training and field coaching. Bespoke training materials and process monitoring tools were also needed.

Avoidance of drilling inefficiencies and errors

KBC was engaged to scope and complete integration of real-time and near real-time data against well assets by a major independent exploration and production company to improve the cost and reduce the duration of their drilling operations by avoiding expensive inefficiencies and mistakes.

Benzene reduction

KBC was appointed by an independent European oil and gas company to perform a benzene-reduction study. Specifically, KBC was engaged to help define the configuration of the future heavy-naphtha processing units.

Capability development Middle East

A Middle Eastern national oil company appointed KBC to implement a capability development system for six key job positions. The aim of the program was to implement internally developed task books and operating procedures, identify foundational knowledge and skills gaps and develop targeted gap closure training.

Capability development North America

KBC was appointed by a North American-based global customer on a capability development project focused on new-hire and console operator training, policies and standards. The project encompassed all the company’s wholly-owned refineries around the world.

Chemical supplier systematizes customer intimacy through cloud service

By collecting process data from its customer sites on how the chemical products supplied affect the desired performance (e.g. lack of fouling or corrosion or bacterial build-up), our customer aimed to provide best-in-class customer service through remote technical and sales support.

Controlling fouling on preheat trains

KBC was appointed to perform a fouling mitigation study on a crude unit with frequent crude changes. The unit was suffering severe fouling issues due to 6-year runs between turnarounds, resulting in capacity loss and high energy consumption.

Corporate training and competency development standards

As part of an Operational Excellence initiative, KBC was engaged by a major Middle East customer to develop and implement corporate training and competency development standards, and to design and implement a routine maintenance improvement strategy across two facilities.

Crude oil storage and transfer

A major US Gulf Coast multinational oil and gas company asked KBC to perform an assessment of crude oil supply and storage, including leased terminal facilities and piping supplies. Their objective was to increase flexibility in storage and transfer methods to enable processing of a greater variety of crude oils and improve the refinery margin.

Development of diploma in chemical operations

As part of a larger organizational project, KBC partnered with a South African university to jointly design and develop a qualification aimed at training young diplomats for employment in the local oil and petrochemicals industry.

Due diligence analysis for refinery upgrade

Due to our unique simulation and consultancy capabilities, KBC was asked to conduct a technical, commercial and environmental due diligence analysis to help assess the viability of converting an existing refinery into a heavy oil upgrader.

Energy and water savings in a low-price environment

KBC was appointed to develop a sustainability program for a diversified group of manufacturing companies active in Petrochemicals, Chemical Specialties, Agri-Nutrients and Metals. The group was looking to achieve a corporate target of 25% reduction in energy and water consumption by 2025 at one of their methyl tert-butyl ether (MTBE) production facilities in the Middle East.

Energy cost reduction

Repsol, Spain's largest energy company, approached KBC when they were looking for an energy management system for their Tarragona Refinery, an integrated refining and petrochemical site. The site had a production capacity of 186,000 b/d.

Gas plant mercury contamination assessment

KBC was appointed by a large operating company to help them assess the risks associated with mercury contamination at a gas plant during its design phase. Mercury represents a serious hazard, risking the corrosion of facilities and presenting significant health and safety concerns associated with its potential uncontrolled diffusion.

Grass roots training program

A Japanese government development agency engaged KBC to develop a training program for a new grass roots facility, including associated project timelines and a high-level budgetary estimate. Advice was required on how to approach opening a new facility from scratch, including training and organizational design.

Hydrate inhibitor assessment with Multiflash

An engineering service company based in Europe appointed KBC to assess hydrate inhibition strategies within an oil flow assurance study in the North Sea.

Integrated end-to-end supply chain simulation

A petrochemical complex in South East Asia required a tool that was able to represent the entire supply chain from raw materials receipt to products dispatch. The entire scope comprised over 50 tanks, a complex processing scheme of more than 30 process units and receipts and shipments through pipelines, ships and trucks.

Integrated utility OT meets IT

A major integrated US power utility needed to integrate systems across the enterprise and gain the benefits of merging operational data with advanced analytics and visualization tools.

Managing operating goals as a cloud service

In support of its Operations Integrity Assurance business processes to ensure operational excellence, a major multi-national integrated oil company was looking for a flexible, light weight, cloud based solution to manage operating goals and constraints at it Western Canada gas plants.

Production accounting: Mass balance and data reconciliation

ANCAP, the national oil company of Uruguay, approached KBC as they were looking to replace their obsolete production accounting systems. The new system would need to cover ANCAP’s hydrocarbon business consisting of a crude oil reception terminal with a total capacity of 536,000 m3, an oil refinery with a capacity of 50,000 b/d and 6 distribution plants for refined oil products located strategically throughout the country.

Natural gas pipeline operator uses data sharing cloud service to attract and retain customers

By making all data, documents and reports available for each put-in or take-off point along their natural gas pipeline, our customer markets itself as the most friendly option for potential and existing customers for their 20,000-mile system along the US Gulf Coast and Mississippi River.

Offshore deepwater oil well operator shares data in real-time with JV partners

Most deepwater oil fields are organized as joint ventures to mitigate the financial risk of exploring and operating what is often over a multi-billion dollar investment. Our customer, a multi-national oil company operating in the Gulf of Mexico, was looking for a service-based model for sharing data with their non-operating JV partners that they were gathering from fields they operated. They similarly wanted the same service-based solution to receive data from the operator of fields in which they were the non-operating partner.

Offshore installation and training management development

In support of a new offshore facility in the North Sea, KBC was appointed by a major oil company to develop a training management system and supporting process-specific training materials.

Process historian-based solution for nuclear power plant emergency preparedness

KBC conducted an assessment of EP (Emergency Preparedness) system requirements, and was selected to complete the full implementation of its proposed solution.

Real-time data as a corporate asset

KBC was appointed by a US multinational oil company to build an enterprise historian consolidating data across 8 separate on-shore oil field operations. The project objectives were to (1) Create a central system of record for all real-time data to the separate operations could be managed holistically; (2) Improve user confidence in the quality of the data; (3) Ease cross-site access to all data; (4) Enforce a culture and system of data governance to ensure on-going success.

Refinery planning and reconfiguration

KBC was appointed by a Latin American customer to assist in the planning of a new refinery and the reconfiguration of their existing refineries. The customer's aim was to eliminate fuel oil production, increase transportation fuels and reduce imports of finished products.

Reliability availability and maintenance consulting

KBC was tasked with implementing maintenance and reliability practices across global operations at a world leading chemical company. The objective of the project was to improve the company’s overall performance and competitive position.

Safety processes development South America

As part of a larger project, a South American national oil company appointed KBC to design, develop and support a new safety program with the aim of improving the company’s existing safety culture.

Solar PV owner uses DaaS cloud solution to manage fleet of assets

Our customer, the financial owner of the largest fleet of commercial- and utility-scale solar PV assets in North America, insulates themselves from high O&M provider turnover at each site by adopting a fleet-wide approach to asset management that is independent of the various O&M provider’s own proprietary solutions.

Steam system reliability management

To provide energy savings to an Asian petrochemical producer, KBC was appointed to carry out a risk analysis to determine the impact of shutting down boilers.

Wax deposition assessment with FloWax

An operating company based in the Asia-Pacific region appointed KBC to assess the risk of wax deposition within a long sub-sea oil pipeline.

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