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Energy Optimisation | SuperTarget™

Reduce energy costs by 10-30% and minimise the capital spend when designing or revamping heat exchanger systems, by using SuperTarget to perform Pinch-based analytics.

Despite the fact that Pinch Technology is well documented and has supposedly been applied since the early 1980s, energy benchmarking consistently shows significant energy improvement potential from heat integration. In addition more recent energy saving trends such as low grade heat recovery, inter-unit (TotalSiteTM) integration and energy optimisation rely on Pinch analysis techniques.

In a capital project or revamp situation, the following challenges are solved by using SuperTarget:

  • Select the best value for pinch parameter DTmin to allow you to make the right economic trade-offs. SuperTarget contains a selection of methods and algorithms for getting this fundamental decision right based on capital, energy costs and the properties of the fluids
  • Optimise the use of existing exchangers and the placement of new ones in revamps for both refinery and petrochemical-type processes with SuperTarget's proprietary algorithms
  • Optimise entire sites or even multi-company complexes using the TotalSite module to optimise inter unit integration, select the most appropriate utility conditions and evaluate the best strategy for low grade heat recovery
  • Quickly and conveniently import data from Petro-SIM or other process simulators and manage multiple design and operating cases using the SuperTarget interfaces


ProSteam™ & Energy Suite

Real time monitoring and optimisation of utility systems offers scope to reduce energy costs by up to 5% without incurring capital investment.


HX Monitor™

Fouling related issues cost a typical 100KBD refinery $1-2M per year compared to those with a HX Monitor exchanger management system.



Speed up gas turbine selection, and make design iterations faster when optimising a system with a gas turbine and a production process, to allow faster decision making.


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