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Download the White Paper The recent and rapid collapse of oil prices from $100+ to less than $50 per barrel has created a challenging environment for all companies in the energy sector. Many operating companies have deferred or cancelled projects, curtailed exploration and drilling activity. Virtually all have initiated some…

KBC announces acquisition of FEESA Ltd

Written by Tuesday, 22 July 2014 00:00
What is the strategic rationale? The acquisition of Infochem in 2012 was a game changer for KBC. It took the company into the upstream oil services sector which, in value terms, is a much larger market than downstream (approximately 10x). Infochem provided the chemistry to optimise flow assurance from the…
KBC is very excited to announce a new key partnership with Flaretot Limited, a recognised flare design and rating company. This collaboration will allow KBC to promote and distribute Flaretot's software suite, which simulates hydraulic flare network, vessel depressurisation, relief valve sizing, radiant heat transfer and plume dispersion, and has…
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It's the final countdown to Petro-SIM 5

Written by Thursday, 05 December 2013 18:00
   Click here to watch the live countdown in real time! On Tuesday, 17 December 2013, Petro-SIM 5, the latest in KBC Advanced Technologies plc's revolutionary line of technology, will be released, and the world of process simulation will never be the same. Petro-SIM 5 reinvents process simulation as we…

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