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World-class software and consulting services for designing, operating and managing hydrocarbon processing facilities – everything you need to take your business to the next level.

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We are the leading technology-based consulting company in the energy and chemical industries delivering best-in-class operating performance to our clients – helping them maintain their licence to operate. For more than 35 years, KBC has been holistically harnessing people, processes and technology to deliver competitive advantage in the energy and chemicals industries.

As a trusted advisor we always put our clients' interests first. Our advice is bold, high in integrity, objective and impartial. We pride ourselves on delivering value to our clients and empowering them towards achievement of their strategies and business goals.

Our definition of value is solutions that maximise revenues, minimise costs, minimise capital employed, or help to maintain client's licence to operate. Our solutions are tangible, compelling and improve the performance of existing operating assets and assist in the "buy or build" decisions for new ones, either minimising their capital cost, making them more profitable, safe and efficient once in operation, or ensuring they meet desired portfolio management objectives.

Our purpose is to make and keep our clients world-class in terms of operational excellence and profitability through the actions of our people and the application of our technology. We create and sustain value by effectively converting strategy to results in client operations through technical and commercial excellence under-pinned by engineering simulation and analytics, sustaining performance through winning operating models and best practices that are powered by cloud, manufacturing execution system (MES) and automation technologies.

Five core values constitute our criteria for success. We respect each other, we create value together, we collaborate together, we maintain integrity together and we express gratitude to each other.

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