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The industry’s most complete and detailed set of simulation models

Decades of experience and solid technology form the basis for our industry-leading SIM Suite Models, which combine detailed, rigorous kinetic simulations with accurate product separation to produce the industry’s most-trusted analytical tools.

The SIM Suite includes detailed models for specialised units:

  • SIM Reactor Models for Refining processes and Refinery Simulation
  • SIM Reactor Models for Petrochemical processes
  • SIM Models for Upstream and treatment processes

All the Reactor Models include detailed kinetic and equilibrium representations of relevant reactions, detailed stream characterization of feeds and products, and the ability to model process designs from various licensors. Where relevant, reactor models include detailed catalyst activity models to account for fresh catalyst properties, feed contaminants, catalyst deactivation and catalyst makeup.

SIM models are available in a consistent, user-friendly format. All SIM models are available within Petro-SIM, which allows you to model the units within a flowsheet environment or using our popular, configurable Microsoft Excel interface. Multiple sets of data or cases can easily be compared, in tables or graphically, with auto-generated charts.

The new version brings data validation and model validation to a new level by integrating KBC’s knowledge and experience of industry best practices into the reactor suite to help users understand their data by demonstrating unique relationships and highlighting potential problem areas with the input data. It balances key improvements to the core kinetic reactor technology and an enhanced user experience.

SIM Reactor Suite Modules:


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