KBC Software Conference, Thailand (Pattaya)


Join leading industry experts, KBC software users, guest speakers and KBC experts at our complimentary KBC Thailand Software Conference in Pattaya, Thailand, from 9th to 10th March 2017.


Attendees can expect to share and learn best practices and experiences using Petro-SIM™ and SIM Reactor Suite™ models with leading industry users and broaden exposure to new applications of simulation in refining. You can also participate in a principles and practice sessions on how simulation is used in today's refining industry, and hear about the latest developments and capabilities of the next generation of KBC software.


Attendees will have the opportunity to participate in a session with a panel of KBC experts and can expect to hear presentations and case studies on a broad range of proposed topics including:


  • Overall gross margin improvements using Petro-SIM™ and the SIM Reactor Unit and Modelling    
  • Best practice for LP vector generation through kinetic models
  • Process unit monitoring
  • Sitewide optimisation - a modelling approach
  • Energy and utility optimisation - GT simulation
  • Optimisation of work processes to maximise software ROI
  • Exploring refinery and petrochemical integration


The full schedule, list of papers, and further venue details will be issued at a later date. 
For questions or more information, please email Joanne Wong.


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